Replacement Bronze Cemetery Vases


Replacement Bronze Vazes, are more frequently becoming a target for miscreants and thefts all across. As the pricing of scrap metals and materials increases in pricing, unscrupulous thieves have succombed to new all time lows, by thieving from withinside of cemeteries and masoleums for the intrinsic scrap values of the commonly used precious metals, namely brass, bronze, aluminum and steel. Cemetery flower vases is a timeless tradition. Why should thieves be rewarded for desecrating it? Let's stop this thoughtless behavior one cemetery vase at a time. Introducing ForeverSafe™ Cemetery Vases by Granger Plastics. ForeverSafe™ Cemetery Flower Vases offer a quality alternative to theft-prone metal cemetery vases, that feature high quality aesthetics which offer metallic like finishes and granite-stone like textures. ForeverSafe™ Cemetery Vases can be used to replace an existing manufacturers cemetery flower vases or ForeverSafe™ offers a complete cemetery vase and canister set! Bring flowers forever with ForeverSafe™.

Replacement Cemetery Vases, Replacement Bronze Vases, Replacement Cemeetery Flower Vases

ForeverSafe™ Cemetery Flower Vases are offered in a number of custom proprietary colors and effects. Ranging from white granites, grey granites to metallic antiqued looks or even a bronze like look, ForeverSafe™ Cemetery Flower vases offers a beautiful cemetery vase to fit your loved one's memorial needs.

Theft Deterrent Replacement Vases


Sadly, thieves have continued to desecrate memorials, headstones and many other remembrances that so many families work so hard and spend hard earned money on to honor their loved ones. Many of these thoughtless and tasteless crimes are comitted in haste, simply for the scrap value of the urn or the cemetery vase, not for the precious and sentimental contents of the urn or vase. Each year, literally thousands of cemetery flower vases are stolen and either cut down or simply sold for scrap material values. Not only is this practice extremely disrespectful, it continues to be a burdensome plague to families, cemeteries, memorials, churches and more. ForeverSafe™ offers a complete line of theft-deterrent combination burial urns & cemetery flower vases that showcase all of the beauty enhancements of fine materials such as bronze, brass, granites and marble- yet offer a theft deterrent construction of durable polymer materials that are capable of handling the temperatures and the UV exposure. Bring flowers forever and don't let a petty thief ruin your loved one's memorial! Choose ForeverSafe™.

ForeverSafe™ Cemetery Vases & Canister Sets

Cemetery Vase & Canister Sets


Bringing flowers are a time honored tradition to a loved one's headstone or memorial. Over history, typically precious metals, marbles and other fine materials has offered beautiful cemetery flower vases and canisters to keep your loved ones memorial beautiful. Unfortunately, a number of these vases and urns have not been as durable to the impervious weather conditions as once thought. Freezing cold temperatures, combined with water and moisture allow for metal counterparts to freeze, crack and ultimately break, rendering the cemetery vase useless. ForeverSafe™ Cemetery Vases are manufactured from a special unique rotational molding process, that combines the strength and integrity of composite materials such as polyethylene to offer unprecedented durability and life spans. The polymer construction also features a number of metallic finishes and beautiful granite looks. All ForeverSafe™ Cemetery Vases and Canister sets come in matching colors to match nearly any headstone or memorial!

Grey Granite ForeverSafe™ Urn & Cemetery Vase Flower Set

Granger Plastics joins ICCFA


Granger Plastics is a proud and distinguished memeber of the ICCFA (International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association). Since 1887, The ICCFA has grown to more than 7,500 members in the fastest growing assocation in the industry. Membership in the ICCFA includes numerous leading cemeteries, crematories, service organizations and students.